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  • Clean gravel will be used to achieve the proper heights based on the architect's plan.


  • Reinforced concrete is used for the foundation as described in the house plans and based on urban planning regulations.


  • The wooden frame of the house consists of impregnated green Finnish timber of European origin of best Quality ( A ) and metal structures based on the techinical specifications.

  • The wooden frame structure offers full seismic design. Supervision is carried out as described in the house plans and based on regulations.


  • On the outer walls we use red brick 10cm . The masonry is joined with the wooden frame by the user of special metal corners (WALL - TIES). Between the frame and the masonry we allow 3cm free space for ventilation of the wood.
  • On the outer side of the frame and into the gap we use insulating film ( TYVEK ) for protection of the wooden frame structure.
  • To reinforce the thermal insulation of the house mineral wool is used based on the energy efficiency and energy certificate study of the house..


  • The outer wall is covered with three layers of plaster ( by hand).
  • All surfaces of walls and ceilings of the inside walls of the house will be covered with three layers of plaster, except where ceramic or other wallcoverings will be placed for which one layer of plaster is applied.


  • Strong Nylon is used under the foundation. Insulating membrane is placed beneath the masonry floor and ground floor terraces. On ceiling tiles double mosaic insulating membranes of best quality and thickness 4mm will be placed.
  • On floor terraces cementitious waterproofing is applied.


  • Tiles of European origin and best Quality are used with market value of 700€ / thousand.
  • For additional roof insulation insulating polystyrene of thickness 3cm is applied..


  • On the ground floor and toilets will use ceramic granite worth € 30 / m². For external stairs and outdoor terraces we use ceramic granite worth € 15 / m².
  • The Parking lot is made by concrete grater.
  • Upstairs parquet "laminate" is used for flooring of market value and positioning € 23 / m².
  • The staircase will be made of marble or granite or wood total market value of € 1200.


  • Below all windows marble of thickness 3cm will be used.
  • Floor bathrooms will be lined to the lintel height with ceramic tiles worth € 15 / m² (any special tile designs will be considered extras). The toilet on the ground floor will be painted with emulsion paint.
  • The kitchen walls are lined 60cm over the benches with ceramic tiles worth € 15 / m² .
  • The outside front and side view of the house as shown in the architectural designs are lined with material of customer choice and market value and placement € 60 / m2.


  • Main entrance door of market value € 800. The internal doors will be made of melamine.
  • Kitchen cabinets of market value € 3000.
  • The bathroom cabinets are of white melamine inside and externally with customer choice color matrix material. The bathroom caps are made of artificial granite.
  • The bedroom cabinets are made inside with white melamine and externally with customer choice color matrix material.
  • The door handles and handles of bathroom cabinets, internal doors will be of toal worth € 400.


  • All external doors and windows, except the main entrance, will be constructed from aluminum frame painted futura gray (207G), either sliding or hinged according to house plans.
  • The aluminum frame windows (series MU 3000/3200/2500) will be of double glazing glass without decorative grates in the glass . Window aluminum frames also have provision for mosquito nets and shutters.


  • Metal staircase from the ground floor to the upper floor.
  • The staircase will have metal rail according to the architectural design and of market value and positioning € 60 / m.
  • Externa metal doors according to the architectural design
  • Floor terrace railings of market value and mounting € 70 / m.


  • Pipe in pipe plumbing water pipes will be used for hot and cold water .
  • Two drinking water water taps will be installed in the courtyard..
  • Solar water heater with 160lit boiler with two solar heater collectors and 1400lit tank. Supply and installation of the booster system pump included.
  • Three toilet bowls, three wash basins, a bath, a shower and a kitchen Bowl will be installed of total worth € 2500 (Fountains, soap holders, paper holder, towel hangers included in the price).


  • Full and complete electrical installation is included as described in the architectural designs and approved by EAC and CYTA.
  • All electrical components will be of type "Legrand Synergy"


  • Provision for Central heating will be made
  • Provision for Installation of air conditioning units.
  • Provision for automatic garage door.
  • Provision for Alarm system.


  • Stabilizer is used before all internal and external walls are painted
  • Ceilings will be painted with emulsion paint.
  • The interior walls will be painted with emulsion paint.
  • Outside walls will be covered with three hands of paint type Loxon-Peletico.
  • Staircase railings will be painted with primer and oil paint.
  • The aluminum opening frames will be painted with primer and oil paint.


  • Complete drainage installation according architectural designs, as well as connection to the main Nicosia sewage system is included. Lids of cast iron will be used.


  • The plot courtyard will be leveled with clean soil and humus Class A of 20cm thickness will be used to cover the area.
  • The fare-face wall fence will be of 1m height and will be painted with Loxon-Peletico paint.
  • The exterior walls will also be painted with Loxon-Peletico paint.
  • Outdoor storage cabinet based on the architectural designs.

Note: VAT is included in all prices.



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Thank you for your interest in the services of our company. I hope that from your tour you will get a vivid and detailed picture of Kagia Development Ltd and the level of services we can offer you.

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