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Wooden houses Construction phases 

Foundation :

A wooden house ( timber frame house ) foundation consists of concrete foundation with proper reinforcement. Around the footing asphalt waterproofing is always necessary.



Construction of Wooden Frame:

The wooden frame of the house consists of impregnated green Finnish timber of European origin (Be sure that timber is certified with all relevant certificates). The sections of wooden frame timber used are typically 100m x 50mm and 50mm x 225mm. The base of the wooden frame structure is placed on a special bituminous membrane for protection against humidity and is strongly fixed to the foundation ( Screws M12/40cm). After the wooden frame structure is completed tying of the outside walls with CHIPBOARDOSB 11mm is necessary. On the chipboarda special waterproofing membrane (TYVEK) is used to protect the wooden frame against moisture.



Roof :

For the roof wooden frame structure timber 8x2 and 6x2 is used. Over the wooden frame OSB of thickness 12mm is used which in turn is covered with Waterproof membrane of thickness 1mm. Special care has to be given to avoid accumulation of water when fixing the tiles.




On the outer walls red brick of thickness 10cm is often used which is covered with 3 hand layers of plaster. The masonry is strongly fixed with the wooden frame with special metal corners (WALL - TIES). Between the frame and the masonry a 5cm gap is made to allow for ventilation of the wooden frame structure. For heat and sound insulation Rockwool of thickness 10cm is often used which is nested to all perimeter walls, partition walls and ceilings.



Inside Wall Lining:

Fireproof plasterboard of thickness 12mm is used to cover inside walls. In the toilets and the kitchen green water resistant plasterboard is used to avoid moisture.